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ICT Market Research Reports

The global Information & Communication Technology (ICT) Industry is one of the most dynamic sectors with continuous innovations, majorly driven by the consumer need for newer technologies and wide usage in end user applications such as retail, healthcare, telecommunication, government and so on. The ICT industry growth has a positive outlook globally. ICT industry growth is majorly driven by the evolution of Internet of things from hype phase to its real time industrial application. The rapid movement towards IoT will drive the demand for software applications, network infrastructure, sensors, data analytics and many such technologies which will significantly contribute to ICT market growth. Also, demand for Cyber security will grow is expected to grow in the coming years. However, the ICT industry is in a state of flux, due to rapidly changing technological trends, emergence of new market players and rapidly shifting revenues.

Our Company therefore offers broad range of research publications for the ICT industry Analysis and Forecast which include reports from various sectors such as ICT services, Mobile & Wireless, Enterprise IT, Infrastructure/Network Security and Enterprise IT. Our current portfolio for ICT industry analysis & forecast include reports on latest trends in the global ICT industry such as Global Cloud Computing Market, Global Hadoop Market, Global Mobile Broadband Data Card Market, and Global Smart Cities Market and so on.

Our ICT market research reports track the latest technological trends and their influence on various end user segments. Each of our ICT market research reports combine data refining, ICT industry analysis and forecast, end use market analysis based on client requirements. The report is a combination of detailed study of micro and macro factors impacting the global ICT market. Our ICT market research reports provide a significant understanding and analysis of the ICT market growth from regional perspective. The report provides global ICT industry analysis for the year 2015 and market forecast for the period of 2015-2021. 

Our research reports for the Global ICT Industry include reports on the following markets –

ICT Services – The growing demand for Big Data Analytics and the rapid growth in the big data from various industrial sectors has led to significant rise in demand for ICT services. Under this domain we are catering emerging ICT services with our latest reports such as Global Cloud Computing Market, Global Hadoop Market and so on.

Mobile & Wireless – With the advancement in Internet Technologies, the entire world is going wireless. Characterized by rapidly changing technologies and evolving customer demand, the mobile & wireless market witnessed frequent introduction of new products & services. The current report includes Global Wireless and Broadband Market.

Enterprise IT –Advanced technological development in the manufacturing and industrial sector is driving the rise in demand for Enterprise IT. Moreover, demand for software such as ERP, MIS for improving the functioning of enterprise is the key motivator for the market growth.

Infrastructure & Network Security – The growing complexity of IT infrastructure is creating security threats. Thus, development of various infrastructure & network security solutions is the need of the time. The current reports under this segment include Global Hadoop Market, Global Smart Cities Market and so on.

Consumer IT – The increasing internet penetration around the globe and the growing mobile & wireless communication services has given a tremendous boost to consumer IT. Our current reports under this segment include Global Gaming Market, Global Internet of Things Market and so on.

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