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Consumer IT

In our consumer IT market research reports we are laser focusing on soaring consumer markets such as gaming software market, global wireless and mobile backhaul equipment market and global internet of things market. It has been observed that the number of gamers online is increasing every year by an impressive number. With the emergence of new games, the gaming software market is on a boom. This market is expected to be a $100 billion market by 2018. Further the number of mobile gamers is also ramping up and considering this growth, consensus is estimating the software revenue to reach $64 billion worldwide.

Further in our consumer IT industry reports, we are discussing about the fastest growing internet of things market. This market has penetrated quickly in to the technology space and is continually finding its usage in most of the technologies. If IoT market continues to grow at this pace, it is expected to reach $1.7 by 2020 which is a threefold growth as compared to the current growth rate. With the interconnected devices, the technology segment will boom giving solid market growth opportunities. The companies are well aware of this growth and are positioning themselves to have a large bite of this pie.

Growing mobile backhaul equipment market is also an asset to our consumer IT industry report. With the growing popularity of smart devices such as mobiles, tablets etc, the backhaul market has gained much attention which supports our consumer IT industry analysis. Though it is in its infancy stage right but the long term growth outlook for the same looks bullish in the long term. LTE market is also gaining steam and is expected to benefit the mobile backhaul market well. This market is expected to reach $23.3 billion by 2018 with a compounded annual growth rate of 12.2%.

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