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Green Chemicals

Green chemicals are known for their environmental friendliness, providing a base for the sustainable chemical market. Since 2011, the industry is looking forward to finding the effective and economical expansion of green chemistry. Though over the years, applications in green chemicals have gained attention while the majority still remains at the laboratory or are at a pilot scale level. The growth in the green chemical industry is expected to be driven by bio-based chemicals in the long run. In 2015, over 50 million tonnes of bio-based chemicals were manufactured and this is anticipated to reach over 80 million tonnes by 2020. Application across various segments such as food processing, housing, textiles, transportation, hygiene, environment, and pharmaceuticals is anticipated to grow significantly over the next five years. By 2020, green chemicals market is projected to reach over $100 billion, with CAGR of 11%. Our reports provide a significant overview of the green chemical market, with respect to strategic analysis, regulatory framework, regional analysis, corporate portfolios and industry structure.

Our business research reports on green chemical industry provide detailed industry analysis based on various models such as see-saw analysis, investment versus adoption scenario, 360-degree analysis, pricing analysis, porters five force model, and Consumer analysis model and so on. Moreover, patent analysis through the year 2017 has been provided at various levels such as across product types, across geography, and trend in patent analysis across the past five years. Changing regulatory scenario and government policies, are playing a key role in boosting green chemicals industry, thus our report includes these aspects for both global and country level.  

Regionally our report is bifurcated on regions like North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East & North Africa. For each region we provide, an application within a niche market, regional top players and products. Our reports also showcase primary and secondary strategies used by enterprises, to gain market share within each region. Analysts carry out regional analysis on niche markets in green chemical sector citing future investing possibilities, trends via PESTEL analysis for each region. Regional analysis is also provided across is market segments and sub-segments, thus providing a more précised evaluation of regional markets.

 Manufacturers within the green chemical industry have looked forward to collaboration, merger & acquisition, partnership as a primary strategy for gaining market share within the industry. Recently, in June 2017, Resil Chemicals is partnering with Acticell GmbH have partnered to develop environmentally friendly, sustainable textiles. Collaboration and partnership deals are signed mainly for research and pilot scale testing projects within the green chemical market. With increasing price and patent wars, consolidation amongst medium and large manufacturers are bound to increase in the green chemical sector. In our report, we provide systematic strategic analysis for top 15 companies within each of the niche markets under the green chemical industry.

The green chemical market is highly dependent on the fluctuation of petrochemical prices. Thus, our reports are based on continuous updates from real-time industry inputs from top companies such as Genomatica, Siluria Technologies, Avantium, Green Biologics, Cool Planet, Bio Amber and so on. The industry is highly fragmented with the presence of many small-scale firms across the globe. Moreover, some major chemical brands such as BASF, Dow Chemicals, etc. are also looking forward towards the green chemical market. Our business research reports track all the latest industry updates from these companies. The major source of secondary data includes organizations such as Industrial Green Chemistry World(IGCW), American Chemical Society Green Chemistry Institute(ACS-GCI), European Technology Platform for Sustainable Chemistry, Canadian Green Chemistry Network, and so on.  

Some of the recent business research reports under green chemical subdomain are global polylactic acid market, global biodegradable plastics market, global green solvents & bio solvents market drug, and global bioplastics market. Other upcoming reports under green chemical industry include global ethoxyquin market, global biodegradable packaging market, global ethanolamine market, and global ethylene market.

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  • Product code : CGR-330714 Single User License : $5000
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    Date of Publication : 2016-01-01 Corporate User License : $7000
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  • Product code : CGR-1171015 Single User License : $5000
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    Date of Publication : 2016-01-25 Corporate User License : $7000
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  • Product code : CGR-8301117 Single User License : $5000
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  • Product code : CGR-2520516 Single User License : $5000
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  • Product code : CGR-4710317 Single User License : $5000
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