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Healthcare IT

The investment in healthcare IT has increased by an average 10% per annum from 2013 to 2016. Increasing number of patients, supportive government policies, and rising healthcare expenditure will supplement the growth of the sector in the next decade. Governments across the globe are implementing policies emphasising on use of electronic medical records (EMR), PACS, PIS etc., that can aid investments in healthcare IT. At Occam’s we have dedicated our research on to niche technology sectors that are will play a key role in shaping the healthcare IT sector. Our research reports cover emerging trends and their current and future impact on the market. Each of our reports is the result of dedicated research carried out across various companies and key opinion leaders within the industry.

Some of the trends shaping up the sector during the forecasted period are m-health, telemedicine, remote health monitoring, wearables powered by the internet of things, robotics, and artificial intelligence. Our healthcare IT market reports not only categorized various applications of IT but also tell show as to how they are affecting the overall market. Factors such as cohesive government policies, staff shortage and other crunches within digital data storage have opened doors for IT in healthcare and are leading good growth in the market. At Occam’s, we carry research on policies and regulatory developments that can impact a niche market in the long term.

North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America and the Middle East are some of the key regions in our focus with respect to healthcare IT market. Our reports provide detailed reasons for the growth and forecast for each of these regions.  Our analysts are constantly monitoring regulatory developments and investment programs in leading markets of above regions thereby helping in creating decision support database for a client. We provide leading market players and top performing product analysis in our reports.

Healthcare IT market is flooded with companies offering their services and products at competitive prices. Our research reports provide precise pricing analysis for products. Our research states merger & acquisition, partnerships and collaboration amongst the primary strategies deployed by companies to overcome competition within the market. Our reports provide with strategic analysis like porters five force model, key buying criteria, see-saw analysis, and 360 analysis that can aid in decision making in healthcare IT market. We also provide a detailed analysis of emerging applications and investment opportunities across segments.

Development of technologies in the industry in last five years has given more power to the consumer in terms of decision making. At Occam’s, we provide systematic consumer analysis circumventing consumer environment, consumer behaviour, and consumer cognition of healthcare IT market. Our analyst is researching the role of data security and processing frontiers of hybrid cloud computing and internet of things with respect to healthcare IT. The globally hybrid cloud market is growing at a healthy rate of 27.3% per annum till 2020. Healthcare IT accounted for 10% of the total global hybrid cloud market application in 2016 and would reach around 20% by 2022 with anticipated revenue of $175billion.

Emerging trends such as cloud healthcare and hybrid operating rooms are leading to disruptive developments in the Healthcare IT sector. Moreover, the rapid growth in healthcare data is fuelling rapid developments in the industry. Our company offers a wide range of portfolio covering these market trends. Some of our healthcare IT reports include Laboratory, Information System market, E-prescribing market, Digital Therapeutic Market, Global Cloud Computing Healthcare market. Global cardiovascular information system market, Global Healthcare Analytics Market, Global Clinical decision support system and so on. 

Our reports in the Healthcare IT sector provides detailed insights on recent developments, government regulations. Detailed analysis across end-user segments provides the consumer insight to the buyer. Extensive primary and secondary research have been conducted across various Healthcare IT institutions such as Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society, HealthcareIT.gov, World Health Organization, Market estimations are primarily based on the key market trends, assessment of historic data and trends in the industry are taken into consideration.  Detailed impact analysis of DROs has been provided to evaluate the current and future impact on the market. We offer market reports on emerging trends in the Industry. Some of our upcoming reports include:

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