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Medical Diagnostics

Medical diagnostics sector is amongst the fastest growing sector in healthcare industry catalysed by innovations, technologies and prevalence of diseases. Diagnosis is the most crucial step in medicine and healthcare. Based on the data of diagnostics further medical intervention is prescribed. The industry since 2014 is changing from scattered unorganized to an organized standard platform. Increasing demand for fast reliable specific and accurate diagnostic platform has led to rise in research and developments (by 5% in 2015). Our reports provided patent analysis within the niche markets. As of today, there are more than 250 medium and large scale medical diagnostic device manufacturing enterprises. Some of the top companies in medical diagnostics industry include Johnson & Johnson, Abbott Laboratories, GE Healthcare, Roche, Baxter International Inc., Medtronic, and Siemens. Collaboration, joint venture, and merger & acquisition are some of the leading strategies followed by vendors within the industry.

Medical diagnostic industry is currently witnessing rapid technological advancement in the field of nanotechnology. Nanotechnology has the potential to improve healthcare diagnostics by enabling rapid testing and early diagnosis. Our medical diagnostic portfolio offers report on emerging modalities such as biochip, microarray, nano barcode, micro-electromechanical systems, lab on chip and nano biosensor.  All our medical diagnostics business research reports are updated with the latest market trends and provide detailed impact analysis of these trends in the respective markets. The market estimations and forecast are based on considering the year on year growth in the medical diagnostic industry while performing the factor analysis across all levels of market segmentation.

At Occam’s our reports focus on changing trends in medical diagnostic industry. We are targeting trends like printed paper diagnostics, biomarkers, personal genomics, bioassays, continuous monitoring, companion diagnostics, immunology, oncology, 3D printing and wellness diagnostics. Our reports provide cost analysis, industry structure and strategic analysis for given niche markets in the industry. Strategic analysis in our reports covers investment versus adoption model of a given product, consumer analysis, porters five force analysis and key buying criteria. Some of our top reports in medical diagnostics are global veterinary imaging market, global live cell imaging market, global Alzheimer diseases therapeutics and diagnostics market, global infectious disease diagnostics market, global next generation cancer diagnostics market. Our future reports include, global IVD market, global rapid medical kits market, and global clinical diagnostics market. Through primary and secondary research, we derive data for current and future market scenario of medical diagnostics market. Each report under medical diagnostic domain is supported with various macro and micro economic factors impacting the industry.

The entire medical diagnostics industry is anticipated to grow at CAGR 18% during period 2016-2023. Enterprises are targeting emerging economies like India and China; even though, manufacturing and research & development investments in developed economies continue to rise. Our reports provide analysis on regional investments versus adoption of products within the market. North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, Middle East & North Africa and Africa are the key regions covered in the medical diagnostic market reports. We provide analysis on top players within given region, opportunity matrix, and key products. Our final reports are outcome of extensive brain storming sessions based on the information gathered through various primary and secondary sources. The major sources of secondary research include FDA, Medical Diagnostic Equipment- US control board, GetTheDiagnosis, Tricare Diagnostics, Medline plus, and others. Extensive primary research is conducted across key companies in the medical diagnostic industries to understand the market insights and the market on goings.  Our reports highlight the changing regulatory framework scenario based on niche markets and its impact in both short term and long term on the market.

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