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Home » Healthcare » Medical Devices » HME-830315
  • Global Virtual Reality in Healthcare Market-Technologies, Market share and Industry Forecast to 2024

  • Publish: February 2016 | Report Code: HME-830315

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Virtual Reality technology is a computer-simulated environment that can recreate sensory experiences and stimulate presence in locations that are from the real world or may be from an imagined world. It has generated tremendous excitement in the healthcare industry where the applications of virtual reality technology extend to psychiatric, training, medical practice, and among other branches of medicine as a part of alternate therapies. Depression & PTSD, surgery simulation, phobia treatment, robotic surgery and skills training are the most common situations where the use of Virtual Reality Technology has proven successful.

Virtual Reality has also proven effective in treating pain by distracting the brain and reducing the need for drugs during painful and physically unpleasant treatments which reduce exposure to strong narcotics and addictive painkillers. Due to the expensive nature of this new technology, it is available in very limited parts of the world, mostly in developed countries. The demand for Virtual Reality Technology for treatments is increasing in healthcare, but expensive hardware, inadequate training of medical practitioners and lack of awareness amongst the patient population are some of the challenges faced by this market. However, the market is lucrative in the developed countries of Europe and North America though the opportunities are huge in emerging economies as the technology is still inaccessible in those countries.

North America has the largest market with 80% market share (2013). The U.S. has the largest share amongst countries with over 75% market share (2013). U.S. market is driven by strong research and development and investment by government and private firm. In the U.S. virtual reality is being widely used in the training and development of healthcare professionals, it is being widely used in the treatment of depression and phobia.

1. Executive Summary
2. Virtual Reality in Healthcare: Introduction
2.1. Virtual Reality Technology
2.1.1. Semi-immersive
2.1.2. Fully immersive
2.2. VR in Healthcare
3. Market Overview
3.1. Market definition
3.2. Recent innovations
3.3. Regulatory framework by geography
3.4. Key buying criteria
3.5. Top market analysis
3.6. End user analysis
3.7. Stakeholder analysis and supply chain management
3.8. Key findings
3.9. Strategic Recommendation
4. Drivers of Virtual Reality in Healthcare
4.1. Demand in healthcare industry
4.2. Technology market boost up
5. Restraints of Virtual Reality in Healthcare
5.1. Expensive hardware
5.2. Awareness about technology
6. Opportunities of Virtual Reality in Healthcare
6.1. R&D investment
7. Challenges of Virtual Reality in Healthcare
7.1. Low awareness levels
7.2. Phobia of new technology for treatment of major diseases
8. Segmentation
8.1. Segmentation on the basis on applications
8.1.1. VR in Medicine
8.1.2. VR in Nursing
8.1.3. VR in Dentistry
8.1.4. VR in Surgery
8.1.5. VR in treatment for phobia
8.1.6. VR for disabled people
8.1.7. VR for treatment of PTSD
8.1.8. VR therapies
8.1.9. VR in treatment of Autism
8.1.10. Other treatment through VR
9. Competitive Landscape
9.1. Key Service Provider
9.2. Key Strategies
9.3. Market Growth and Shares
9.4. Market Forecast
10. Geography Analysis
10.1.1. America North America Brazil Mexico
10.1.2. Europe
10.1.3. APAC Japan Australia China Korea
10.1.4. Row
11. Company Profiling
1. Artificial Life  Inc.
2. Aruba Networks
3. CAE healthcare
4. Foursquare
5. Simulab Corp
6. Laster technologies
7. Immersion Corporation
8. Qualcomm
9. Samsung
10. Theraism
11. Vuxix Corp.
12. Worldciz LLC
13. The Virtual Reality Medical Center
14. Brainlab AG
15. GE Healthcare
16. Medtronic, Inc.
17. Intuitive Surgical, Inc
18. Stryker Corporation
19. Vital Images, Inc.
List of tables
Table1.  Global virtual reality in healthcare market by region, 2014-2023 (in $million)
Table2.  Global Semi immersive technology market, by region, 2014-2023 (in $million)
Table3.  Global fully immersive technology market, by region, 2014-2023 (in $million)
Table5.  Global R&D expenditure in Virtual reality, 2014
Table6.  Global depression numbers, 2014.
Table7.  Global Price comparison virtual reality devices, in $ {US},  2014
Table8.  Number of phobic patients globally, 2014
Table9. Global cardiac surgery device market, by region, 2014-2023 (in $million)
Table10. Global price comparison of cardiac surgery devices, 2014
Table11. Global Cardiac Surgery market by Geography in $million (2014-2023)
Table12. North America virtual reality in healthcare market, 2014-2023 (in $million)
Table13. The U.S. virtual reality in healthcare cost comparison in various states,2014
Table14. Cost virtual reality therapies across Canada 2014
Table15. Asia-Pacific virtual reality in healthcare market, 2014-2023 (in $million)
Table16. Europe virtual reality in healthcare market, 2014-2023 (in $million)
List of figures
Figure1: Market share of virtual reality in healthcare market, 2014
Figure2: virtual reality in healthcare market by company
Figure3: Key buying criteria
Figure4: Depression patients using virtual reality, 2014
Figure5: US in virtual reality in healthcare market, 2014-2023 (in $million
Figure6: Canada virtual reality in healthcare market, 2014-2023 (in $million)
Figure7: China virtual reality in healthcare market, 2014-2023 (in $million)
Figure8: India virtual reality in healthcare market 2014-2022 ($ million)
Figure9: Japan virtual reality in healthcare market 2014-2022 ($ million)
Figure10: ASEAN virtual reality in healthcare market 2014-2022 ($ million)
Figure11: South Korea virtual reality in healthcare market, 2014-2023 (in $million)
Figure12: Taiwan virtual reality in healthcare market, 2014-2023 (in $million)
Figure13: Italy virtual reality in healthcare market, 2014-2023 (in $million)
Figure14: France virtual reality in healthcare market, 2014-2023 (in $million)
Figure15: Germany virtual reality in healthcare market, 2014-2023 (in $million)


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