Defining a New Future of Chemicals Industry with Latest Trends

Global Chemical Market Research | Occams Market Research

The chemical market is one of the major contributors of raw material to other industries. 48% of the total output buy the chemicals industry is used by other sectors of the economy in which the manufacturing sector is the dominant industry. One thing which is sure is that the chemical market would not only be […]

Sustainability and Mobility: A Shift from Conventional Energy Market

Global Energy & Power Market | Occams Market Research | Occams Business Research & Consulting Pvt. Ltd.

Economization of existing energy options and continuous innovation are the trends which have kept the global energy and power market electrified and in full vibrancy. Environmental concerns and technological advancements have changed the prototype for development over the past few years with 2018 witnessing competitive landscape along with government initiatives and improvements in the availability […]

Global ICT market- Extending the Frontier of Technology and Growth

Global ICT Market Research Report | Occams Market Research

With the increase in sales of information technology and telecommunications products and services, global ICT market continues to expand. Businesses are needed to get a fast track to fending off competitors from both outsides and inside one’s industry. As in a market environment generally characterised by pressure on margins and high competition, ICT companies face […]

Key Opportunities to Remain Competitive in Healthcare Market

Global Healthcare Market Research |

Healthcare investment recorded 2017 as a year for venture capital funding and this growth is expected to continue for new healthcare technologies with access to cash, policy changes to the FDA and the maturation of certain emerging technologies. Whereas, while designing products to prevent the onset of degenerative and chronic disease, there will be increased […]

Mineral & Metal Industry Swaying Between Digitization & Environment

Global Mineral and Metal Industry Research Reports

Mineral and metal industry is solely dedicated to geographical location; a region with rich mineral resources have golden tooth compared to other locations that lack this base of economies and one of the oldest industry presents today. This industry is highly volatile and include maximum risks, reason being also called as a ‘Killer Industry’. It […]

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