Medical Diagnostic: A Journey from Bed-Side Monitoring to Wearable Monitoring

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The era of medical diagnostic started way back in 1816, in France by René-Théophile-Hyacinthe Laennec in the form of a stethoscope. From stethoscope to Nano-optic Endoscope, medical-diagnostic already crossed many milestones and making diagnostic technologies faster, easier, smaller and faster. The line between medical science and engineering grows thinner with advancements in technologies that drive […]

Top Trends Shaping Global Electrical & Electronics Industry in 2018

Global Electricals & Electronics Market

Smart Factories To improve predictive maintenance of industrial equipment, and predict demand for a particular component or product, data is used; Data analytics is helping in meeting customer demand and driving efficiencies in manufacturing in the same way as artificial intelligence and big data by creating smart factories. According to global electrical and electronics market […]

Value Based Healthcare: Addressing the Mass with Inclusive Growth

Dynamic healthcare industry is going through a transformational phase. There are significant opportunities in the global healthcare market, but cost concerns, complexity and uncertainty cannot be ignored. The aim is to create patient focused and cost-effective healthcare systems. Players which can thrive in uncertainty and yet deliver value-creating solutions has a competitive edge over others. […]

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