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Energy and Power Market Research Reports

Global Energy industry including both conventional and non-conventional resources is expected to boom in the near term. With growing focus of the countries on the waste management initiatives, energy and power market is expected to be a million dollar opportunity for the companies in future. Crude oil market also looks promising and according to the U.S. Energy Information Association (EIA) forecasts, the Brent crude oil prices are expected to remain $60/b and $67/b in 2015 and 2016 respectively. However, the energy and power industry might face some crunches in second half of 2015 on the back of uncertainties surrounding Iran which may result in possible lifting of the sanctions.

Our company therefore offers extensive research on global energy and power market trends to help you have a closer look towards the energy market growth. We offer a broad range of Energy and Power Market Research Reports including detailed study on conventional and non-conventional energy segments. Our current portfolio for this sector includes Energy & power market reports on Global Shale Gas market, Ethylene production market trends, Global industry analysis including growth in size and share, Global Energy chemicals and oil market from waste plastic recovery and technologies including research on recycled plastics and plastic waste to oil.

Each of our Energy and Power Market Research Reports combines data refining, end use market analysis and energy industry analysis based on client requirements. The report is a combination of detailed study of micro and macro factors impacting the global Energy market. Our reports provide a significant energy market analysis and understanding of energy market trends from regional perspective. Our Energy and Power Market Research Reports provides market share of key players and detailed analysis of their strategies. The report provides global energy industry analysis for the year 2015 and energy market forecast for the period of 2015-2021.

Our Energy domain has reports on the following markets:

Non-renewable/Conventional Energy- Under this category Shale Gas is an emerging opportunity which has caught much attention in the recent times. Further with the growing adoption of technologies such as hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling is also making shale gas available at attractive prices. This sector covers emerging trends and prospects surrounding this segment. The current reports published under this market include Global Shale Gas market analysis with a laser focus on geographical applications, ethylene production market trends, future opportunities and forecasts. Another report under this section is on Global Energy chemicals and oil market from waste plastic recovery and technology including detailed industry analysis, size, share, growth trends and forecasts.

Renewable Energy- Under renewable energy segment bio-diesel and bio-energy has gained much traction mainly on the back of rising crude oil prices, low carbon emission, volatility and growing interest of government on this. The current reports published under this segment include Top Bio-Diesel and Bio-Fuel market opportunities analysis, market forecasts and winning strategies.

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