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Food Beverages

Featured with global interconnectivity and consumer driven nature, the global food and beverage is expected to surge over next decade from 2016. Although the preference of food and beverages is always dependent on the social and environmental aspects of people, changing consumer behaviour has unveiled opportunities for the globalization in the food & beverage industry. Where the market earlier was more dominant by the local and regional vendors, brands have become the preference for today’s consumer. The ability of the brand to listen, understand and rectify the consumer issues, has shifted the consumer preference towards brand.

Moreover, food & beverage industry is multidimensional and thus cannot be just targeted based on the product category. Hence our food & industry domain has been covering the industry from all aspects including processing & packaging, agriculture and food waste management, nutrition & health food, food safety & testing and so on. Each of these aspects of food & beverage industry are covered in detail covering the key products, key end users, and key companies operating in the food & beverage industry.  Currently there has been a significant growth in demand for nutrition and food market which is primarily driven by the rising awareness of the consumers for health food and emerging food business targeting the health and nutrition food market. Some of the leading companies in the food and beverage sector includes Cargill Foods (U.S.), Mondelez International (U.S.), Nestle (Switzerland), Pepsico Inc. (U.S.), JBS (Brazil), Tyson Foods (U.S.) and so on. Although these companies are flourishing on regional levels, globalization in food & beverage sector has provided significant opportunities to expand in new markets across the world. Thus, our reports in the food and beverage domain are majorly targeting the companies looking forward to targeting the emerging markets. Hence, we offer detailed analysis of the consumer markets across various regional and country levels. Considering the importance of consumer database, our reports are a good source of consumer data for food and beverage industry, updated and gathered from various secondary data sources.

Although the food and beverage industry has marked tremendous growth in the developed regions such as North America and Europe, the industry has immense growth potential across the developing regions such as Asia Pacific and Latin America as these markets are undergoing lot of changes in terms of changing consumer taste and preferences, food processing and manufacturing, food delivery system and so on. Thus, our reports are primarily covering the emerging dynamics of food and beverage industry in these regions. Each of our reports in food and beverage industry offers detailed country level analysis across each of these regions including key growth drivers, key challenges and government regulations and their impact on current and future markets.

The food industry is witnessing a rapid shift of consumers towards organic and vegetarian diets. In order to cope up with the challenge of food scarcity all across the world, for decades, the food industry has been using several inorganic substances for high agriculture yield, but at the cost of environment. However, both farmers and companies operating in the food industry are now realising the value of natural production and plant based farming. Thus, to enable a sustainable growth, the industry has turned towards organic farming. Moreover, due to rise in consumer awareness for health consciousness, organic farming has become the fastest growing sector of agriculture, hence gaining immense attention from farmers and companies across the world. In 2016, the organic food market has reached above $40 billion, and this growth is expected to accelerate in the future. Some of our reports based on organic food includes global organic dairy product market, global organic coffee market, global organic baby food market and so on.

 Our reports offer a thorough discussion on key companies and their market strategies in the food and beverage sectors, under the competitive landscape section. The food and beverage industry is currently witnessing a big trend of mergers and acquisition in recent years. Many companies are looking forward to extending their production lines and are going ahead for the mergers acquisitions with other companies to operate on lower costs. Our reports throw light on all such market strategies and discuss their impact on the market.

Some of our top reports in food and beverages industry includes, Global beta glucan market, global bioengineered food market, global food thickener market and so on. Each of our Food & beverages reports goes through extensive primary & secondary research throughout the report life cycle, which include various pre- production, on-production and post production processes. Each report layout is prepared with reference to various Food & beverages conferences and associations. Some of these conference reference includes; natural products expo west, New England Food Show, Institute of Food Technologists and so on. Some of the organizational references include, International Food and Beverage Alliance, International Council of Beverage Associations, International Food & Beverage Technology Association etc. are considered as key reference for verification of report data. Moreover, extensive brain storming sessions are conducted inter team for further value addition.                               

Our research reports for the global food & beverage industry include reports on the following sub domains –

Food Additives:

Food additives have got immense importance over a period of time due to diverse demand from the food industry across the world. A range of preservatives, antioxidants, flavour enhancers, colourants, and sweetening agents are being commercially available these days. Although food additives are being used for decades, the use of these are highly regulated. Our reports under this section highlights the emerging trends in the food additive industry such as demand for natural additives, government regulations on food additives, emerging applications of food additives and so on. Some of our reports under this sub domain includes Global beta glucan market, global bioengineered food market, global food thickener market.

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