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Global Wellness Institute study estimates that global wellness market worth $3.7 trillion in 2015 three times more than $1.1 trillion pharmaceutical industry. The study from global wellness institute confirms the fact that wellness industry is fastest growing market in personal care domain. Beauty & aging, healthcare tourism, nutrition, weight loss, personalized medicine, fitness body are the segments driving global wellness market. Global wellness market is projected to grow at 11% CAGR till 2023. The growth will be driven by expanding consumer base in Asia Pacific and Middle East & Africa markets. Some of the fastest growing trends in wellness industry are athleisure, yoga & meditation, ketogenic diet, acro-yoga, artisan skincare, and personalized nutrition.

OBRC reports offer geographical analysis of niche wellness markets at both regional and country level. At regional level, we offer an in-depth insight about the market via industrial applications, revenue forecasting and leading countries. At country level, niche wellness market is analysed via top products, leading manufacturers & vendors, revenue forecasting. For niche wellness markets, both North America and Europe are dominant markets within personal care domain both in terms of revenue and system or service adoption. High research investments, high disposable income population, high healthcare expenditure and clarity in government & regulatory policies with respect to personal care are likely to drive niche wellness markets in above regions. Developing & emerging countries within Asia Pacific and Middle East & Africa are top investment destination for niche wellness market and offers significant returns on investment for the forecasted period. Countries in focus in above regions for niche wellness markets include Japan, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, India, China, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Jordan, South Africa, Nigeria etc. Positive economic outlook, rising healthcare expenditure, high prevalence rate of disease, government investment programs, will supplement niche wellness markets within Asia Pacific and Middle East & Africa.

Regulatory compliance is one of the main challenge for any niche wellness markets within personal care domain. New innovations & technologies and services are being introduced into the niche wellness market every year. Both government and competent policy making bodies introduce regulations, directives & rules to regulate the market growth. New regulations often change business environment. OBRC reports for niche wellness market give an insight on regulatory landscapes within the industry around leading regions and countries. Our analysts often keep check on developments within regulatory landscape from industry experts (and regulatory experts) within niche wellness market. OBRC reports showcase corporate profiles of top fifteen companies within niche wellness market. For each company, our report showcases annual revenue, strategic initiatives, research investments, product portfolio, and SWOT analysis.

For niche wellness markets report from OBRC revolves around new innovative services and technologies within personal care domain that can have significant impact to the market in the long run. At OBRC, market valuation for niche wellness markets via primary and secondary research process. Secondary research provides initial data for market estimation. Data from secondary resources is gathered from government websites, certified industrial trade association, international research societies, online research journal or publications, public administration statistics and so on. Estimated market value is cross checked through various industry experts within niche wellness markets. OBRC reports also offers strategic analysis and strategic recommendation for each niche wellness markets. Strategic analysis aids client in getting an in-depth understanding about the market with respect to current & future market conditions. Strategic analysis in OBRC reports is analysed via various models like investment versus adoption, 360-degree analysis, porters five force model and others. Strategic recommendation helps client with respect to lucrative region and segment areas within the market to investing within the niche automotive market.

Some of the recent reports in niche wellness market include global spa and wellness market, global corporate wellness market, global weight loss management market, global nutrition & supplements market and so on. Analysts at OBRC are continuously researching and updating reports on niche wellness market within personal care domain. Some of the titles currently being researched and update by our analysts are global connected health & wellness device market, global wearable medical device market, global healthcare wearable device market, global organic beauty market, global halal cosmetics market, global hair care market and global deodarants market and others.

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