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Electrical and Electronics Market Research Reports

Electronics industry has always been a booming industry owing to rapid technological development. The growth of the electronics industry is triggered by innovations in consumer electronics, semiconductors and wearable electronics. However, rapidly increasing e-waste is the major pitfall in the electronics industry. On the parallel side, Technological advancements in areas such as smart electronic devices, green electronics, automotive electronics, and organic electronics are boosting the electronics industry. The technological innovations in organic electronics are creating huge scope for the electronics industry in the near future. Organic light emitting diode (OLED) and organic display are the widely-used application of organic electronics. Smartphones are the major adapters. Television displays, transistors and organic solar cells, are the other major applications of organic electronics. Organic electronic materials consume less power and are flexible and brighter. The pitfall of organic electronics material is, low electrical conductivity and less life in comparison to metallic conductors.

Industry is witnessing numerous challenges with the rapid technological developments. our electronic industry domain covers report titles attributing to both opportunities and challenges in the electronic industry. Our Company therefore offers extensive industry analysis & forecast for the trending titles, that include reports from various sectors such as Semiconductors and Sensors, Electronics System and Devices, Display Technologies and Consumer Electronics. Our current portfolio for Electronics industry analysis & forecast includes a broad range of research publications on recent trends in the global Electronics Industry such as global smart machines market, global optical switch market, global automotive exhaust sensor market and so on.

The global electronic industry has recorded a revenue of more than 1.7 trillion in 2017 and is expected to grow 4% year over year. Our reports track all the recent developments in sensor technologies, consumer electronics, and so on. Moreover, our reports are updated with the dynamics of industrial value chain and contains detailed discussion on the changing roles of each entity in the supply chain. For instance; unlike before, the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) are now turning to Electronic Manufacturing Service(EMS) partners for product design and development. As a result, the industry is witnessing some new models of product design and development such as Joint Design Manufacturing(JDM) and Outsourced Design Manufacturing(ODM). Our reports cover detailed analysis and impact of such changes in electronics supply chain.

Significant developments in sensor technologies have led to disruptive innovations in different verticals such as consumer wearables, smart fabrics, smart pills, automobile and so on. Inception of Lidar sensor technology that has enabled the development of driverless cars will be breakthrough opportunity for automobile sector. One of our top selling reports on Global Lidar technology market provides detailed analysis of development in LidaR technology, its adoption across regions, case studies discussing success and challenges of Lidar Technology and elaborates on the competitive landscape of the Lidar technology market.

Another major trend in the electronic industry has arrived with the commencement of IoT. Manufacturers of consumer electronics are integrating products with IoT enabled technologies such as Wi Fi, Bluetooth, Low Energy, micro server. The global shipment of smart connected devices is expected to reach 223 million by 2020. Apart from IOT, the rapid efforts of governments to enable smart city projects are fuelling innovations in electronics industry.

Some of the top selling reports in our electronic industry domain includes global wearable sensors market, global autonomous vehicle sensor market, global laser diode market, Global Lidar market, Global transparent electronics market, Global advanced battery energy storage systems market, global printed circuit board market, Global flexible display market, global 3D scanning market and so on.  

Each of our Electronics Market Research reports combine data refining, end use market analysis and also reports based on client requirements. The report is a combination of detailed study of micro and macro factors impacting the global Electronics Industry. Our reports provide a significant understanding and analysis of the Electronics Industry from regional perspective. The report provides market share of key players and detailed analysis of their strategies. Our Electronics Market Research Reports also cover the latest market trends across semiconductor and consumer electronics markets such as Smartphone, Tablet and wearable devices categories. The report provides global electronic industry analysis for the year 2016 and market forecast for the period of 2016-2023.



Our research reports for the Global Electronics Industry include reports on the following markets –

Semiconductors and sensors- Global Piezoelectric market, Global Automotive Exhaust Sensor market, Pressure Sensor market, Optical Switches market, and Global Subsea Control system market are amongst the recent Semiconductors and sensors report under semiconductor and sensors sub domain.

Electronic systems & Devices – Global haptic technology market, global flexible electronics , global smart weapons market, global directed energy weapons market, coal handling equipment market, gas engines market, distribution transformer market, insulated switchgear market, air starter market, thermal interference market, surface mount technology market, video surveillance market, global cyber security market, printed electronics market, global microgrid market, Global UAV drone market and automotive material handling market are some of the recent reports from our analyst under the Electronics system and devices market.

Display Technologies – The display technologies market is experiencing rapid growth owing to emerging importance of entertainment and display technology in visual advertisements. Innovation and advancement in display technology across the world has simplified the information sharing process. Currently, the LED and LCD based display technologies is directing the display industry. Flexible OLED display, High Dynamic range display and immersive virtual reality, system-on-chip(SOC) displays, AMOLED display technologies are the latest trends in the display technologies. Global flexible display market, Global 3D rendering software market, global gas smart meter market are amongst the recent display technology reports under the display technology sub domain.

Consumer Electronics – Rapid change in the consumer preferences and internet penetration across the world and the growing mobile & wireless communication services has given a tremendous boost to consumer electronics. Global warm air heaters market, global lighting as a service(LaaS)market, and global power bank market, are amongst the latest consumer IT electronics reports under Consumer electronics segment.


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