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Materials and Coatings

Global automotive market is forecasted to grow at 4.2% per annum till 2021 according to International Organization of Motor vehicles Organization (OCIA) estimate. Rising demand and production of automobiles would supplement market for automotive materials & coatings industry. Manufacturers are developing innovative solutions with respect to coatings & materials for automotive & transportation industry. New solutions in focus would enable greater fuel efficiency, reduce carbon foot print, and encourage sustainability within the sector. Some of the trends within materials & coatings market include, polyurethane and specialty foams, self-healing materials ( eg microcapsules embedded in base materials), nano-coatings (like Akzo-Nobel elastic paints), shape memory alloys, photovoltaic foils for EVs, and so on.

Niche materials & coatings markets reports offer a geographical insight. North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America and Middle East & Africa are key regional market discussed in the reports. For each regional materials & coatings market, our reports offer insight on industrial application and top countries within. At country level, OBRC reports, highlights on top products and leading vendors or manufacturers for materials & coatings market. We offer brief scenario about customer needs and certain specific preferences within materials & coatings market within leading countries. North America and Europe is amongst the dominant markets in terms of revenue generation and adoption of new products according to OBRC analysis. Investment in research & development, presence of leading manufacturers & vendors, and clear government regulations aids materials & coatings market to thrive in North America and Europe. Similarly, Asia Pacific and Middle East & Africa are looked over as a lucrative business markets for materials & coatings. Positive economic outlook, huge consumer base, government investment programs are setting the platform for materials & coatings market to thrive in Asia Pacific and Middle East & Africa.

Materials and coatings manufacturing & processing industry are regulated by government and competent authorities. Rules & regulations circumvent around purchasing product and disposing by product from the industry. Advancements in materials & coatings market would make regulatory authorities to changes policies and standards from time to time. New regulations and policies offer a significant challenge for manufacturers & enterprises within automotive & transportation sector. Our reports on materials & coatings market within automotive & transportation domain offer insight on regulatory landscape of leading markets within each regions. Our analysts are constantly in tab with industrial regulatory experts with respect to new policies that can be introduced within a given fiscal year and its impact on the entire market in the long run. OBRC reports showcase company profiles of top fifteen companies within materials & coatings market. For each company, we provide SWOT analysis, research investments, product portfolios, and strategic investments.

At OBRC our analysts are looking forward with new innovations within materials & coatings with respect to its application, manufacturing and services. Materials & coatings market are valuated via primary & secondary research methods. For secondary research initially the market data is gathered for valuation and estimated. Secondary research sources include research institutions, online journals, government statistics on production volume & manufacturing, and certified trade association & international societies. The market is estimated by both top down and bottom up approach. The market value thus estimated is cross checked via primary research from leading industry experts within materials & coatings market within automotive & transportation sector. OBRC reports also offer strategic analysis through models like investment versus adoption, 360 degree analysis, porters five force and so on. Each strategic model helps to offer significant insight on within materials & coatings market.

Some of the recent reports within materials & coating market include global conductive polymer market, global embedded dye packaging technology market, global seed coating materials market, global paper coating materials market, global self-healing materials market and so on. Analysts at OBRC are persistently looking out for new developments within materials & coating sector and researching new markets within it. Some of the niche materials & coating markets being researched by our analysts are, global thermoplastics materials market, global smart coating materials market, global protective coatings market, global power coating market, anti-corrosion coating market and so on.

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