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Advanced Materials Market Research Reports

Advanced materials are new materials developed with modification on existing (traditional) materials for superior performance as compared to conventional materials present in the market. The development of advanced material leads to new insight in material science and create new intellectual property (IP). In process of developing advanced materials, material science has increasingly become more sophisticated creating products that are precise, small and complex. Ceramics, glasses, polymers, composites and metal alloys are key sectors for advanced materials. Other niche areas with advanced material development include advanced fibres (like Kevlar), synthetic composites, specialty adhesive, powdered metals, films, specialty chemicals, and nanotechnology. Development of advanced materials is mainly associated with investment in research. According to Industrial Research Institute (IRI), advanced materials research investment has become a priority research topic in amongst top ten R&D nations across the globe. Overall expenditure across the globe on advanced materials since 2014 has spiked over 3% per annum according to IRI. Industries are partnering (collaborating) with universities and research institutions fostering research for advanced materials. According to RDmag, collaboration between industries and research institutions across the globe is increasing by 4% every year since 2010, resource and knowledge sharing are the prime factors driving collaboration and partnerships. High entropy alloys, single material lithium ion batteries, organic-inorganic hybrid nanomaterials, metallic glasses, colloidal silver nanoparticles are some of the research projects under development within advanced materials. Research is the main investment priority with advanced material domain. Company investing into manufacturing advanced materials would have to pay royalty. At OBRC our reports provide patent analysis. Through patent analysis we offer strategic recommendations for clients with respect to technology and product worth investing aligning the niche market.

Nanomaterials, biomimicry, and smart materials are key trends in focus within advanced materials.  Nanomaterials are materials that are manufactured at nanometer scale (between 1 to 100nm) showcasing properties that are unavailable in bulk forms. Graphene is one of the most notable examples of nanomaterial. According to OBRC analysis, nanomaterial market is projected to reach revenues of $64billion by 2023. On similar lines, biomimicry is looked over as an important area for sustainable innovation. It involves abstracting ideas from natural world and creating new advance materials. Biomimicry products are widely being sought in areas of agriculture, textiles, buildings materials, medical prosthetics, water treatment, transportation and chemicals manufacturing. Nature inspired products based on whales, spider silk, sea shells and beehives can make over $1.6trillion of gross domestic product by 2030 according to New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA). Also, smart materials are precision designed materials having more than one molecular property and can change reversibly according to external environmental conditions (or stimuli). These stimuli include pH, temperature, pressure, light, electric or magnetic fields. OBRC analysis estimates smart materials market to generate more than $85billion by 2023. Shape memory alloys, quantum tunnelling composite, thermochromic materials, electroluminescent materials are some of the notable smart materials in market today.

At OBRC, our reports on advanced materials market focus on the niche products and services offered within advanced materials industry. Segmentation within the niche advanced materials market is prepared after consulting with industry experts. Furthermore, market valuation is carried out through primary and secondary research. The primary data is gathered via competent trade & industrial associations, industry experts and research institutes. Primary data thus, gathered is incorporated with secondary data collected from online publications, research databases, and company reports. The market values are further ascertained through industry experts. Our reports offer strategic initiatives by companies within advanced materials market in order gain market share. Top companies and top strategies are analysed by our analysts. OBRC reports also offer strategic analysis for each niche markets within advanced materials based on business models like investment versus adoption, 360 degree analysis, see-saw analysis etc. Besides strategic analysis we offer insights on key investment regions, emerging applications, and fastest growing segments within given niche advanced materials market.

North America and Europe are leading markets for advanced materials with increasing research funding, and early technology adoption. Asia Pacific is projected to be fastest growing market for advanced materials in the long run, due to demand for raw materials from manufacturing sector and increasing research activities. Geographically our reports cover markets both at regional and country level. Regionally, we offer analysis on industrial application, investment, and top countries. Our reports offer market forecast for each top countries within region, with top products, and players within each niche market in the country.

Global market is developing and with every change, comes new regulatory and policy adjustments from government and competent authorities to regulate the market. With advancement in technologies and new innovative products advanced materials is poised for constant policy shift in terms of doing business.  At OBRC, our analysts keep tab on changing regulatory environment and new government policies that can impact advanced materials market in the long run. Our reports offer regulatory framework for each of the niche advanced materials market showcasing present and future possible legislations with respect to use of advanced materials product amongst the leading markets. Each niche advanced materials reports from OBRC offers, company profiles of top fifteen companies in the markets. Company profile showcases company product portfolio, strategic initiatives, research & innovation and SWOT analysis.

Some of the recent reports on advanced material market include global high performance film market, global nanofiber technology market, global industrial fasteners market, global synthetic papers market, global seamless pipes market and so on. At OBRC, our analysts are constantly looking forward to update and research new niche markets within advanced materials. Some of the markets currently being updated and researched by our analysts are, global core materials market, global polyurethane sealants market, global metal foam market, global composite coating market, global microspheres market and so on. 

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