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Bio Electronics Market Reports By Applications (Fabrication Templates, Biochips, Implantable Devices, Prosthetic, Artificial Organs, Pills, Surgical, Biofuel Cells, Molecular Motors) Overview, Challenges, Opportunities, Segmentation, Forecast 2015-2021

Global Bio Electronics Market

Bioelectronics involves application of principles of electrical engineering to biology, medicine, behavior, or health. It helps to come up with advanced concepts, improves knowledge across molecular to organ systems, and aids in the development of innovative devices or processes. This further helps in prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases resulting in better diagnosis, rehabilitation and health. Bioelectronics helps to create and evaluate new technologies which improve understanding of biological systems, increasing efficiency and effectiveness of the medical community. Bioelectronics uses a number of methods, ideas, and techniques, such as bioelectromagnetics, instrumentation, neural networks, robotics, and sensor technologies.

This synergy between electronics and biology has resulted in a positive impact of electronic technologies to system, cell, and molecular biology. Experts expect the technologies to have far reaching effects such as vision restoration, reversing the effects of spinal cord injury, medical diagnoses without clinics, etc. In addition to medicine, other areas of applications include efficient assembly processes, devices, and architectures for nanoelectronics technologies. Given that existing technologies are fast approaching their physical limits, advances in bioelectronics will not only improve existing product efficiencies, but also reduce costs.

Key Motivators of Bio Electronics Market

Electronics has always impacted medical services with applications such as pacemakers and medical imaging. Healthcare systems across the globe face a number of challenges, albeit they differ depending on regions. Some of them such as increase in healthcare costs, demographic changes, governments pushing the industry to improve services at lower costs, lack of access for common man to improved facilities are problems that transcend all boundaries. As healthcare is expected to move into a preventive mode, and need for screening and early diagnostics will increase. It is critical that the medical devices industry should be equipped to deal with these changes and is able to provide the requisite technologies. For instance, medical sensors, especially sensing electrodes and microfluidics-based solutions, are emerging as enablers for decentralization of healthcare.

Drivers for the market

The drivers to bio-electronics industry include the overwhelming need of the healthcare industry. These include prevention of diseases such as neural degeneration, cancer, etc., detection of diseases, personalized medical diagnostics and monitoring among others. Applications such as personalized medical diagnostics and monitoring especially present near-term application opportunities. Other drivers include implantable medical devices and prosthetics, which have seen a lot of research to develop reliable and robust implantable devices. Medical imaging either requires high-resolution imaging or portable and affordable imaging systems and these can be met with innovations from the bio-electronics industry.

Capability & Market Analysis

Currently Europe is making a huge impact in the industry with most of the research and innovations coming from there followed by Asia and the United States. Industry experts estimate that United States is likely to register the highest growth in terms of contribution due to the high instances of research and investment in biomedicine and semiconductors in the country. Currently, biomedical and life sciences applications have the largest market share among applications followed by environmental monitoring and remediation applications.

Future trends

The use of bioelectronics is slated for an exponential rise. It requires research that crosses disciplines such as electrical engineering, biology, chemistry, physics, and materials science. The industry, given the research requirements, requires help and investments from government, academic, and industry to facilitate effective planning and resource management. The critical areas for application are science and technology such as sensors, nanoelectronics, and metrology among others.



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