“Increasing adoption in public sector organization is a key growth driver of hybrid cloud.”

The Report “Cloud Computing Healthcare Market Reports, Cloud Market In Healthcare Technologies, Ehr Market, Lis Market, Pacs, Pis, Emr, Saas, Paas, Iaas Bioinformatics, Hybrid Cloud Market - Global Trends, Challenges, Demand, Opportunities & Forecasts 2014 – 2020

“Hybrid cloud is the future trend for the global cloud computing market,” notes Occams Business Research Analyst Honey Rajput. “With the movement of data sensitive industries such as Healthcare, towards cloud computing, cloud service providers need to look forward to a more secured solution while maintaining the cost effectiveness of cloud services.”

The global cloud healthcare market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 24.5% during 2014 -2020. Healthcare is one of the most dynamic application of cloud computing. Although healthcare organizations are highly concerned about the privacy and security of patient data, the pressure of controlling the increasing healthcare cost has driven the adoption of cost effective solutions such as cloud computing. There has been a surge of interest of the healthcare companies in adoption of cloud computing. Companies are leveraging cloud providers for it various benefits such as providing business agility, reducing cost, and so on. The major drivers are shift of healthcare from generalized care to personalized care, limited IT budgets of healthcare organizations, and growing big data in healthcare industry. However, various legal barriers and government regulations are major restraint to market.

However, security risk is still a major restraint for adoption of cloud computing in healthcare sector. Data breaches from hospitals and various other healthcare organizations only increases security issues and is a major challenge before the healthcare organizations. Moreover, lack of skilled IT personnel within the organization is a major challenge for maintaining the internal IT infrastructure.

“In a hybrid cloud solution where some part of data is maintained within the organization in a private cloud while keeping less sensitive data in a public cloud, data redundancy can occur.” Moreover, healthcare organizations are more reluctant to suffer any kind of data transfer bottlenecks, which is common threat while placing data online.”

“The launch of cloud based platforms in the healthcare domain by big players in the cloud computing market can be a solid growth driver for cloud computing industry in healthcare. Further With skilled IT staff, hybrid solutions can provide better scalability and work flow coordination between the service provider and the organization.”


Increasing adoption in public sector organization is a key growth driver of hybrid cloud.”

Although witnessing a slower adoption, the public sector organizations will drive the future growth of hybrid cloud. Exploding growth of big data in the data sensitive industry and growing need for security of patients information  is generating demand for a more secured solution that can be achieved through hybrid cloud.in healthcare.

Updated: October 23, 2015 — 6:30 am

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