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Home » Advanced Materials » Geosynthetics Market » AGE-950915
  • Geosynthetics Market Insights, Opportunities, Analysis, Market Shares And Forecast 2017 – 2023

  • Publish: May 2016 | Report Code: AGE-950915

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Geosynthetics materials are defined as polymeric materials used for engineering applications like civil construction and environmental protection projects (landfills). Generally, the materials used for the productions of Geosynthetics are polypropylene, polyethylene, and polyester. Based on their physical characteristics and related applications, they are categorized into geotextiles, geogrids, geomembranes, geonets, geofoams, Geosynthetics clay liners, geopipes, etc. although there are various types of Geosynthetics available in the market, but each one performs at-least one or more of the application. Following are the six basic applications: separation, drainage, filtration, barrier, reinforcement, and protection. Geosynthetics possess good flexibility, high tensile strength, permeability, durability, resistance to corrosion, and enhanced thickness due to their polymeric nature. Also some other features for example reduced thickness, low weight, less usage of airspace, easy availability, and good durability play an important role in various applications of Geosynthetics. The Storage of material, installation, and handling of Geosynthetics needs skilled workers; that is why, companies manufacturing Geosynthetics also undertake activities like site development and construction projects. Rising environmental concerns related to soil erosion and increasing investments in infrastructure development are expected to drive the additional growth in global Geosynthetics market during the forecast period. On other hand, availability of low cost raw materials and natural alternatives like rocks and jute fiber are anticipated to act as hurdle in the growth of the Geosynthetics market in the next 10 years. Moreover, rise in usage of Geosynthetics in green wall and green roof development is projected to act as an opportunity factor for the market in the near future.

Over the last year, the increasing usage of Geosynthetics across the world has resulted in a significant growth of Geosynthetics. Moreover, high investments in infrastructure and environmental projects by developing and developed countries are likely to drive the additional growth in Geosynthetics market. Also demands from waste treatment applications, transportation and regulatory support on the account of developing civic amenities, numerous projects were taken by national government which has continued to fuel the growth in the Geosynthetics market. However, rapid change of raw materials prices used in manufacture of Geosynthetics is another major hurdle in the growth of Geosynthetics market. The global Geosynthetics market has grown significantly during last few years and is anticipated to display higher growth rates in the next five years. The major driver for the Geosynthetics market has been large scale capital projects taken by government institutions to improve civic facilities.

Global Geosynthetics market is segmented into various key segments i.e. type of product, material types and by region. On the basis of type of product, global Geosynthetics market is further segmented into geotextiles, geogrids, geocells, geomembranes, geocomposites, Geosynthetics foams and Geosynthetics clay liners. Geotextiles are made up of woven which are fibers mixed with cloth like materials. Non-woven (randomly oriented fiber) materials; geogrids are used in stabilization and reinforcement of waste masses fields, geocells are used for earth retention process, rail road support, protecting bunkers and walls. Geomembranes layers are impermeable membrane which can be used for canal lining, tunnel lining and filling land linings. Geocomposites combines two or more Geosynthetics materials and find its usages in drainage among others. Geofoams are lightweight custom sized blocks which act as void filling materials in some construction process. One last material; Geosynthetics clay liners are like fabrics used for lining of landfills.

On the other hand, Geosynthetics materials on the basis of types comprises of following segments HDPE, polypropylene, polyester and other polymeric based on alloys. On the basis of volume, containment was the largest share segment in Geosynthetics market, accounting more than 35% share of the total global Geosynthetics market in 2015. Geomembranes, geocomposites, and Geosynthetics clay liners perform the containment function by acting as a barrier for gas or liquids in landfill liners. These are also used in hydraulics such as canals, dams, and tunnels. The others segments works for separation function, is anticipated to be the fastest-growing function segment in the global Geosynthetics market.

 Depending upon the geographic regions, global geosynthetics market is divided into North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific and Middle East & Africa. Asia Pacific holds the largest share of global Geosynthetics market and is projected to emerge as the fastest growing region in the market for Geosynthetics during the forecasted year. Countries such as India, China and Russia in particular, are poised to witness robust growth in Geosynthetics in construction industry. On the basis of the product type geotextiles segment holds the largest share in market value.

The global Geosynthetics market is majorly driven by increased adoption in various applications i.e. construction sector etc. Emergence of these as viable alternatives in waste and water applications has further bolstered global Geosynthetics market growth. additionally, increasing number of infrastructure development projects in developing countries and rise in demand of Geosynthetics in rail construction and roadways applications around the world has resulted in a significant growth of global Geosynthetics market.

Some of the big participanting companies in global Geosynthetics market are Tenax Corporation, NAUE GmbH & Co. KG, GSE Environmental, TenCate Geosynthetics, Low & Bonar PLC, GEO Synthetics LLC, Huifeng Geosynthetics, Polymer Group, Inc. and others.

1.    Introduction
1.1.    Executive summary
1.2.    Estimation methodology
2.    Market overview
2.1.    Market definition and Scope
2.2.    Key findings
2.3.    Parametric analysis
2.3.1.    Geosynthetics Price Trend
2.3.2.    Polyethylene (HDPE) Price Trend
2.4.    Key market insights
2.4.1.    Top 3 emerging countries
2.4.2.    Top 3 revenue generating segments
2.4.3.    Top growing markets and emerging trends
2.4.4.    Top 3 geography
2.5.    Competitive Landscape
2.5.1.    Market share analysis
2.5.2.    Top winning strategies
2.5.3.    Case studies: Top competitive Moves
2.6.    Porter’s Five Force Model
2.6.1.    Threat of New Entrants
2.6.2.    Threat of Substitute Products or Services
2.6.3.    Bargaining Power of Buyer
2.6.4.    Bargaining Power of Supplier
2.6.5.    Intensity of Competitive Rivalry
2.7.    Key buying criteria
2.8.    Strategic recommendation
2.9.    Strategic conclusions
3.    Market determinants
3.1.    Market drivers
3.1.1.    Government Policies Boosting Infrastructure Growth Across the Globe
3.1.2.    Evolving Environmental Protection Regulations and Standards to Boost Future Growth of Geosynthetics
3.1.3.    Cost effectiveness
3.2.    Market restraints
3.2.1.    Volatile Raw Material Prices
3.2.2.    Lack of Quality Control Across Developing Countries
3.3.    Market opportunities
3.3.1.    Developing Countries Will Boost the Future Growth
3.3.2.    Rising Regulatory Standard Fueling Growth
3.3.3.    Opportunities Associated with Oil & Gas and Mining Industries
3.4.    Market challenges
3.4.1.    Increasing competition
3.5.    Parent Market
3.6.    Competitors Market
3.7.    Alternative Market
4.    Market Segmentation
4.1.    By Type
4.1.1.    Global Geotextiles Market 2014-2023 ($million)
4.1.2.    Global Geomembranes Market 2014-2023 ($million)
4.1.3.    Global Geogrids Market 2014-2023 ($million)
4.1.4.    Global Geofoam Market 2014-2023 ($million)
4.1.5.    Global Geonets Market 2014-2023 ($million)
4.1.6.    Global Others Market 2014-2023 ($million)
4.2.    By application
4.2.1.    Global Containment market 2014-2023 ($million)
4.2.2.    Global Reinforcement market 2014-2023 ($million)
4.2.3.    Global Filtration and Drainage market 2014-2023 ($million)
4.2.4.    Global Others market 2014-2023 ($million)
5.    Geographical analysis
5.1.    North America Global Geosynthetics Market 2014-2023 ($million)
5.1.1.    United States (U.S.) Global Geosynthetics Market 2014-2023 ($million)
5.1.2.    Canada Global Geosynthetics Market 2014-2023 ($million)
5.2.    Europe Global Geosynthetics Market 2014-2023 ($million)
5.2.1.    United Kingdom (UK) Global Geosynthetics market 2014-2023 ($million)
5.2.2.    France Global Geosynthetics market 2014-2023 ($million)
5.2.3.    Germany Global Geosynthetics market 2014-2023 ($million)
5.2.4.    Spain Global Geosynthetics market 2014-2023 ($million)
5.2.5.    Italy Global Geosynthetics market 2014-2023 ($million)
5.2.6.    RoE Global Geosynthetics market 2014-2023 ($million)
5.3.    Asia Pacific Global Geosynthetics Market 2014-2023 ($million)
5.3.1.    India Revenue Management market 2014-2023 ($million)
5.3.2.    China Revenue Management market 2014-2023 ($million)
5.3.3.    Japan Revenue Management market 2014-2023 ($million)
5.3.4.    Korea Revenue Management market 2014-2023 ($million)
5.3.5.    Australia Revenue Management market 2014-2023 ($million)
5.3.6.    RoAPAC Revenue Management market 2014-2023 ($million)
5.4.    Rest of the world Global Geosynthetics Market 2014-2023 ($million)
5.4.1.    Latin America Revenue Management market 2014-2023 ($million)
5.4.2.    MENA Revenue Management market 2014-2023 ($million)
5.4.3.    Africa Revenue Management market 2014-2023 ($million)
6.    Company Profiling: - (Over, SCOT analysis, strategic review)
1.    ACE Geosynthetics
2.    ACH Foam Technologies
3.    AGRU America Inc.
4.    Asahi Geotechnologies Co. Ltd.
5.    Belton Industries Inc.
6.    Carthage Mills
7.    Cetco Lining Technologies
8.    Contech Engineered Solutions LLC
9.    Gundle/Slt Environmental Inc. (GSE)
10.    Hanes GEO Components
11.    Huesker Synthetic GMBH
12.    Kaytech Engineered Products
13.    Low & Bonar PLC
14.    NAUE GMBH & Co. KG
15.    officine Maccaferri
16.    Propex
17.    Royal Tencate Nv
18.    Strata Systems Inc.
19.    Tenax Group
20.    Tensar Corporation
List of Tables
1.    Global Geotextiles Market 2014-2023 ($million)
2.    Global Geomembranes Market 2014-2023 ($million)
3.    Global Geogrids Market 2014-2023 ($million)
4.    Global Geofoam Market 2014-2023 ($million)
5.    Global Geonets Market 2014-2023 ($million)
6.    Global Others Market 2014-2023 ($million)
7.    Global Containment market 2014-2023 ($million)
8.    Global Reinforcement market 2014-2023 ($million)
9.    Global Filtration and Drainage market 2014-2023 ($million)
10.    Global Others market 2014-2023 ($million)
11.    North America Global Geosynthetics Market 2014-2023 ($million)
12.    Europe Global Geosynthetics Market 2014-2023 ($million)
13.    Asia Pacific Global Geosynthetics Market 2014-2023 ($million)
14.    Rest of the world Global Geosynthetics Market 2014-2023 ($million)
List of Figures
1.    Global Geotextiles Market 2014-2023 ($million)
2.    Global Geomembranes Market 2014-2023 ($million)
3.    Global Geogrids Market 2014-2023 ($million)
4.    Global Geofoam Market 2014-2023 ($million)
5.    Global Geonets Market 2014-2023 ($million)
6.    Global Others Market 2014-2023 ($million)
7.    Global Containment market 2014-2023 ($million)
8.    Global Reinforcement market 2014-2023 ($million)
9.    Global Filtration and Drainage market 2014-2023 ($million)
10.    Global Others market 2014-2023 ($million)
11.    North America Global Geosynthetics Market 2014-2023 ($million)
12.    United States (U.S.) Global Geosynthetics Market 2014-2023 ($million)
13.    Canada Global Geosynthetics Market 2014-2023 ($million)
14.    Europe Global Geosynthetics Market 2014-2023 ($million)
15.    United Kingdom (UK) Global Geosynthetics Market 2014-2023 ($million)
16.    France Global Geosynthetics Market 2014-2023 ($million)
17.    Germany Global Geosynthetics Market 2014-2023 ($million)
18.    Spain Global Geosynthetics Market 2014-2023 ($million)
19.    Italy Global Geosynthetics Market 2014-2023 ($million)
20.    RoE Global Geosynthetics Market 2014-2023 ($million)
21.    Asia Pacific Global Geosynthetics Market 2014-2023 ($million)
22.    India Global Geosynthetics Market 2014-2023 ($million)
23.    China Global Geosynthetics Market 2014-2023 ($million)
24.    Japan Global Geosynthetics Market 2014-2023 ($million)
25.    Korea Global Geosynthetics Market 2014-2023 ($million)
26.    Australia Global Geosynthetics Market 2014-2023 ($million)
27.    RoAPAC Global Geosynthetics Market 2014-2023 ($million)
28.    Rest of the world Global Geosynthetics Market 2014-2023 ($million)
29.    Latin America Global Geosynthetics Market, 2014-2023 ($millions)
30.    MENA Global Geosynthetics Market 2014-2023 ($million)
31.    Africa Global Geosynthetics Market 2014-2023 ($million)


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