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Automotive And Transportation Market Overview

Automotive & Transport Industry Analysis

Global automotive and transport sector is undergoing rapid transformation since 2016 courtesy advancements in technology. Automobiles have changed from being two or four wheelers with basic fuel efficient features to connected vehicles having features like cloud computing, big data, internet of things etc. using big data analytics automobile manufacturers are looking forward to enhancing performance various parts in the vehicle, streamline manufacturing process, and improve customer experience. Some of the advances feature being adopted by automobile manufacturers include electric hybrid engines, high capacity batteries, advance global positioning systems, a vehicle to grid (V2G), vehicle to everything (V2X), vehicle health monitoring, driver assistance systems, and vehicle to vehicle communications.

OBRC automotive & transport industry analysis reports are focused on upcoming technologies and services within the automotive & transport industry. Segmentation for each niche automotive & transport industry report is charted after consulting industry experts. Automotive & transport industry analysis is carried out through primary and secondary research studies. Primary research studies are carried out in consultation with industry & trade association members and experts within the automotive & transport industry. Secondary data is gathered via online publications, research databases, and company annual reports. The final value of the market thus calculated is rectified further by primary research with industry experts.

Each of our niche automotive & transport industry analysis report showcases strategic and corporate portfolio studies. The strategic analysis on niche markets is carried out using different analytical models like investment versus adoption models, 360 analysis, see-saw analysis models etc. Corporate portfolio study covers the top ten or more (as per client’s need) key players within the niche automotive & transport industry. Corporate portfolio within each report offers company strategy, research & development investment, product portfolio, patent analysis and current & future possible investment within niche automotive & transport market.

Some of the recent report published within automotive & transport sector include global semi-autonomous vehicles market, global electric vehicles market, global automotive tubeless tyre market, global automotive thermal battery management system market, global automotive composite market, global digital logistics market and many more. Niche automotive industry analysis reports are consistently updated every quarter or as per client’s inquest. Some of the niche automotive industry analysis report currently being researched include, global connected trucks market, global vehicle to everything market, global automotive artificial intelligence market, global automotive braking systems market and many more.

All niche reports circumventing automotive & transport industry is covered geographically through regions like North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America and Middle East & Africa. Our regional level analysis includes investments, top countries, and technology applications driving niche market growth. Country-level analysis highlights, top manufacturing institutions, product demand, current & future possible investments, and government regulatory guidelines aiding automotive & transport industry market growth for the forecast period. In terms of revenue, North America and Western Europe are key markets for automotive & transport industry sector. Automotive & transport industry growth in both above regions is mainly attributed to the early adoption of latest technologies, the presence of global players, and established road & transport infrastructure. However, both the Asia Pacific and Latin America are envisaged to be the fastest growing automotive & transport markets both in terms of volume and revenue. The market growth is attributed to expanding middle-class population and positive growth forecast.

Some of the reports currently being researched within the automotive & transport domain include global driveline market, global heavy-duty vehicle market, global automotive start-stop systems market, global freight management systems market and many more. Some of the reference used in automotive & transport industry analysis include International Organization of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers (OCIA), European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA), World Bank, World Economic Forum and many more.

Smart vehicles & transport, automotive components & security systems, materials & coatings, logistics, smart & advanced technologies are some of the subdomains in focus within the automotive & transport industry at OBRC.

Niche markets covered in each of the sub-domains include-

Smart vehicles & transport-

Our niche market reports within smart vehicles & transport segment circumvent around the technology and services offered by manufacturers. Automobile manufacturers are looking to attract customers by offering new energy efficient vehicles and with add-on connectivity features. Niche smart vehicles & transport market report published at OBRC are global low emission vehicle market, global automated guided vehicle market, global electric bus market, global vehicle electrification market and many more. New niche markets currently being researched by our analyst include globally advanced driver assistance systems market, global automotive IoT market, global wireless electric vehicle charging market, and many more.

Materials & coatings-

Niche markets researched within materials & coatings segment are focused mainly on coating process, technology and materials used in automotive industry. Factors like aesthetics (customer expectations), increasing vehicle efficiency volume & cost of production, environmental regulations, corrosion resistance and durability play an important role in making ideal automotive materials & coatings. Some of the niche automotive materials & coatings report published include global carbon thermoplastic market, global automotive plastics market and many more. Other niche markets currently being researched within materials & coatings subdomain include global automotive biodegradable plastics market, global lightweight automotive materials market, global automotive interior materials market, global automotive heat shield market and many more.


Logistics have gained significant attention since 2016 with increasing adoption of IoT and connected services. Enterprises are looking up to logistics to streamline their entire supply chain process and further from manufacturing to sales. Niche logistics markets researched at OBRC revolves around the latest technologies and services offered by institutions. Some of our niche logistics market reports published include global connected logistics market, global digital logistics market, global asset tracking and inventory management solutions market, global cloud supply chain management market and many more. New niche logistics market researched include global drone delivery services market, global truck platooning systems market and many more.

Smart & advanced technologies-

Smart & advanced technologies are the foremost reason for changing automotive & transport landscape across the globe. At OBRC we are constantly looking forward to new technologies and systems impacting automobiles & transport industry across the globe. Some of the recent niche market published within smart & advanced technology segment includes global smart railways market, global smart motor market, global in-dash systems market, global hybrid systems market, global commercial vehicle telematics market and many more. New niche markets currently being researched are, global vehicle analytics market, global autonomous driving technology market, global pay as you drive market, global hybrid electric marine propulsion engine market and many more.