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Chemicals Market Overview

At Occam’s our analysts carry out extensive research on chemical industry sector circumventing latest industry trends and other growth prospects within the market. The chemical industry is undergoing a tectonic shift in terms of technology thereby providing new challenges and opportunities for companies both in a long and short term. Our analysts carry out chemical market research by combining data refining, end-user market analysis and overall market analysis & forecast reports based on client requirements. Analysts at Occam’s carry out decision support database by considering various drivers and restraining factors. Market estimations are carried out via proprietary software that analyses both qualitative and quantitative aspect of the market aligning with in-depth primary and secondary research.

In the last five years, innovation (especially for chemical processing) within the sector has significantly increased. Analysts at Occam’s provide basic industry structure and production overview of niche products from the industry. New technologies that are incorporated into production of certain compounds are researched and presented by our analysts. Regulatory and policy framework of the chemical industry is mentioned in our reports. Growing industrial applications continues to provide the required impetus for the market. Pharmaceutical and food & beverage continue to remain the key sector for growth areas of for the industry. Also, government support through policies (for example Make in India), niche markets like succinic acid, bio-succinic acid, poly-lactic acid and petrochemicals would provide positive growth in the near future. A polylactic acid market is the fastest growing markets in the industry, with  CAGR of 22% till 2023. By 2020, a polylactic acid market is anticipated to reach over one billion dollars. The succinic acid market is the other fastest growing market within the industry, with CAGR of 24% till 2023.

Industry trends in last five years direct that the Asia Pacific and the Middle East will be lucrative markets in near future. Countries like India, China, Saudi Arabia, and Malaysia are looking forward to providing the required growth impetus for the industry in the next few years. Chemical industry reports of Occam’s provide regional analysis of market within the sector, quoting future investment possibilities and regional trends. Our analysts also provide primary & secondary strategic analysis of top regional players in our report.  For each country dealing in the targeted markets, our reports cover specific market determinants and scope of the sector. We provide pricing analysis of products within each of the segment discussed within the markets in each region.

Our Chemical domain has reported on the following markets:

Agro Chemicals- The growing population has led to a significant increase in food demand globally. Agrochemicals are extensively used for improving crop production per hectare. Mostly these include fertilizers and pesticides. However, the development of various bio-based chemicals and fertilizers is expected to drive the market growth.  Latest reports in agrochemicals from Occam’ are Global biopesticides market, Global inulin markets, and Global crop protection chemical market.

Organic Chemicals- Under this segment, Succinic Acid and Bio-Succinic acid market are catching much attention these days. With strong growth in its business application and increasing demand for Green chemicals, this segment is expected to see a roller coaster ride in future. This sector covers emerging trends and prospects surrounding this segment. The current reports published under this market includes Global Succinic acid and Bio-Succinic acid market and the report includes application, opportunity analysis and market forecast and winning strategies. Global Petrochemicals & Polymers market including its industry analysis, trends and Bio-Based Polyethylene Tetra phthalate market are some other report in this sector.

Speciality Chemicals- The global Petrochemical & Polymer market is expected to be a million dollar market in the coming years. This is positively impacted by the boom in the shale gas. The current reports published under this market include Global Petrochemicals and Polymers market including industry analysis, size, share, growth, trends. Recent reports in speciality chemicals include Global bactericides market and Global glyphosate market.

Green chemicals- The PLA market plays a major role in this category. It has witnessed solid growth in the market and is expected to increase in coming years. This is catchy and many market players are investing in this markets. The current reports published under this market include Global Poly-lactic acid market it includes applications, products, and biodegradable polymer. This report also includes global industry size, growth strategies and trends. Some of the recent reports on green chemicals from analyst team are Global fluorosurfactants market, Global bioplastics market, and Global biodegradable plastics market.