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Healthcare Market Overview

Irrespective of the unstable political environment and sluggish economic performance, global healthcare market continues to attract investment in the long term. Advancements in medical technology, new medical devices & equipment’s, medical service, changing regulatory environment and increase in healthcare expenditures by governments across the globe would certainly propel investments within the sector. Quality of healthcare is a major focus in the coming years, the majority of the developed economies revamping their existing medical facilities. Quality inspections and reporting from institutions like CMS, has declared physicians also responsible for healthcare quality. Thus, investments in new reliable technologies are bound to increase. Government policies or initiatives (like IRP in China) aids in providing access to various treatment regime and affordable drugs. The healthcare market research reports are the combination of detailed study revolving around macro and micro factors impacting niche market within the industry globally.

Healthcare Market & Industry Analysis Reports

Trends in medical tourism, generic medicine, personalized medicine, and advancements in bioengineering are set to drive investments in the sector in near future. At Occam’s we offer a broad range of reports on the healthcare industry. Some of the sectors exclusively covered by our company are pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, IT, medical devices, medical diagnostics and advanced technologies. The research report from our experts provides an analysis to find the investment opportunity for expansion. Our current portfolio of healthcare sector includes market research reports covering latest trends in mobile healthcare, in vitro fertilization, personalized medicine, cloud analytics, diagnostic imaging, single cell analysis, stem cell, metabolomics technology, continuous glucose monitoring and so on. We provide basic industry structure and regulatory framework guiding the healthcare market throughout the globe. Our reports also provide a regional analysis of each healthcare sectors citing future investment possibilities and trends in the region by providing primary & secondary strategic analysis.

Our analyst provides patent analysis with its impact on the niche sector in the coming years. Also, healthcare market research reports give the market share of key pioneers in the sectors and provide a detailed analysis of their strategies. Region wise reports are covered under North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Rest of the World. Under each segment we cover top regional economies; for example, the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Germany and Italy under Europe. For each country, our reports cover specific market determinants and scope of the industry. We research for top companies and products within the market in each region. Moreover, we provide a snapshot of factors circumventing politics, economic, social, legal and environmental issues that can impact the market within the forecast period. 

Our Healthcare Domain has Reported on the following markets:


Pharmaceuticals: Pharmaceutical sector continues to be an investment-friendly market in the global healthcare industry. The pharmaceutical industry covers areas of emerging therapies and various other treatment regimes. Some of the recent reports from our analysts include Global in vitro fertilization, Global Ophthalmic Drug & Devices, Global Hyperphosphatemia Drug, Global Allergy Diagnostics and Therapeutics, Global Multi-Infarct Dementia Market, Global Ortho Biological Products Market. The market research reports covers, generic variants of drugs being developed, its price analysis, various regulatory or policy changes, and patent analysis.

Biotechnology: The global biotechnology industry is thriving in the development of vaccines and drugs. After the pharmaceutical sector, biotechnology has gained priority in the last five years. Treatment for rheumatoid arthritis, cancer and Hepatitis C are set to gain demand in the short time period. Recent biotechnology sector includes Global Human Microbiome Market, Global Botanical & Plant Derived Drug Market, Global Probiotic Market, Global Stem Cell Assay Market, and Global Genome Editing Market. Our report offers deep insight with respect to opportunity markets, competitive strategies, consumer analysis and key buying criteria for various sectors in biotechnology.

Healthcare IT: In the last five years adoption of IT technologies in the healthcare sector has increased significantly with increasing emphasis on electronic medical records, telemedicine, and electronic medical receipts etc. Cloud computing, Hadoop, sensors & wearable technology, and wireless communications are some of the technologies widely being adopted into healthcare IT. Global laboratory information system market, the global workforce management market, global e-prescribing market, global advanced visualization market and global medical imaging analysis market are some of the recent reports from this sector. Our report for this sector covers specific adoption scenarios & market determinants for each segment with a comparative analysis of market across segments.

Medical Devices: Growing healthcare market is supplementing demand for medical devices in the long-term period. Ageing global population and the introduction of new innovative devices will drive medical device market.  In the last five years, investment among small and medium enterprises have increased significantly (~60% of the total market in 2015). Occam’s research on medical devices market provides you patent analysis, regulatory & policy changes across key markets, and pricing analysis & trends. Global Medical Aesthetics Market, global intrapartum device market, global reprocessed medical devices market and global auto-injectors market are some of the recent reports our analyst's team have worked on.

Medical Diagnostics: Globally medical diagnostics market has gained attention with new technological advancement in genetics and molecular biology. Growth in the global medical device market is synonymous with global healthcare market growth. With increasing prevalence of lifestyle diseases like cancer, obesity and asthma, investments in medical diagnostics are bound to increase significantly in the coming years. At Occam’s our analyst offers you analysis of regional trends towards medical diagnostics, complete market trends, investment opportunities and research & development trends. Some of our latest reports in medical diagnostics are Global Alzheimer’s diseases therapeutics and diagnostics market, Global infectious disease diagnostics market, and Global haemostasis analyzer’s market. Global imaging sensors market, global bio-electronics market and emerging diagnostics imaging market are some of the other reports our analysts have worked on.

Advanced Technologies: Technological advancements are one of the key factor driving the healthcare industry. With increasing funding for research and development, new innovative products are expected in forecast years. In advance technologies segment, the spotlight is on areas of wearable technologies, mobile healthcare, and hybrid operating rooms. Our analysts provide you deep insights on regional trends and factors that can impact the market growth in future. Global microbial technology market, global advanced drug delivery system market and global soft tissue repair market are some of the recent reports in advanced technologies segment under healthcare market domain.