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Minerals and Metals Market Overview

Mining & Metals Industry Analysis

World Mining Congress (WMC) study states world mining output increased from 11.3 billion metric tons in 2000 to over 16.9 billion metric tons in 2016. Increasing output is led by the adoption of new efficient technologies, positive economic outlook and growing demand for minerals, especially in emerging economies. Mineral fuels account for the majority of total production at ~85% as per WMC data. China, USA, Russia and Australia are amongst the four biggest mining nations today. Growing demand for energy storage systems and touch screen electronics are principal drivers of precious minerals. Thriving battery technologies has spurred demand for lithium, cobalt and graphite minerals. Similarly, demand for touch screen electronics and computing systems have fuelled demand for precious minerals like iridium, palladium, rhodium etc, since 2010.

In the last ten years, mining & metals industry witnessed significant ups & downs whilst volatility in commodity pricing. Both mining & metal processing companies were involved in acquisitions and consolidations amid changing business practice brought by the digital revolution. Besides digitization, some other trends impacting mining & metal industry include process streamlining by changing operating model, integration of new extraction technologies, flexibility in the value chain, rebounding global gross domestic product (GDP) numbers, strong emerging market outlook, adjusting environment regulations, and waste recycling. Mining & metals industry players are adopting new technologies that increase the efficiency of resource extraction and improve safety, without sacrificing any operational cost. Some of the technologies leading digital revolution within mining & metals industry include internet of things (IoT), 3D printing, enterprise resource planning (ERP), robotic process automation, operational technology, block-chain technology, autonomous vehicles, advanced sensor systems, data-driven analytics, cloud computing, and drones.

Using real-time sensor data, mining & metal industry players are shortening planning cycles. Cloud computing platforms help in managing extraction processes and further processing of metals. Mining & metals industry players are realizing the importance of innovation and research. Companies are readily investing in areas of mobile and fixed extraction & processing equipment’s (like hauling, drilling blasting etc), communication systems, and process monitoring & control.  Mining & metals industry is looking forward to beta testing of block-chain technology. This technology would increase transaction at international level, bring transparency in the supply chain and streamline business process. For example, in January 2018, diamond mining company De Beers Ltd announced using block-chain technology to register diamonds and improve business process efficiency. 

Each niche mining & metals market report from OBRC is focused on equipment’s, logistics, integrated systems, and the latest technologies being adopted by the organization for mining activity and metal processing. Segmentation for the niche mining & metals market report is determined after a thorough discussion with industry experts and top players within the industry. Both primary and secondary research is carried out for estimating market values. Industry experts, trade association members, regional & international sales executives and business development members are consulted as a part of the primary research study. Secondary research data is gathered from online publications, company annual reports, and online databases of both public & private organizations. The niche market values for mining & metal industry thus envisaged are cross-checked with industry experts. 

Our reports offer both strategic analysis and company profile study for each niche mining & metals markets. We use in-house data models for strategic analysis for each niche markets. Some of the models used for strategic analysis include investment versus adoption analysis, see-saw analysis, 360 analysis and many more. Strategic analysis aids the client in understanding the near & distant growth & investment perspectives for niche markets within the mining & metal domain. For each niche market study, we offer company profile study for top ten or more (as per client’s inquest) players within the market. The profile study covers current & future possible investments, R&D investments, product profiles, and strategic initiatives for each player within niche markets.

Metals & mining industry analysis is carried out both regional and country level. Regional analysis is carried out on the basis of the investment, top countries, and industry applications aiding respective niche market growth. Each niche market report is regionally segmented on the basis of North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America and Middle East & Africa. The country-level analysis covers current & future possible investment trends, top players, product demand & supply, and government reforms & regulatory guidelines. Demand for technologies and products within the metals & mining industry have continued to thrive amongst developed & developing economies. The Asia Pacific is the fastest growing market in terms of revenue and volume. Rising demand for base & ferrous metals and weakened US dollar exchange rate has aided the mining & metal industry forward especially in Asia Pacific, Latin America, and Africa. India, Brazil, Nigeria, South Africa and Turkey are major driver metals & mining industry, especially for copper and steel.

Some of the reports published within the mining & metals domain include global permanent magnet market, global precious metal catalysts market, globally connected mining market, and many more. Analysts at OBRC are constantly looking out for new upcoming technologies and services, influencing entire mining & metal industry. Our reports are updated every quarter or as per client’s requirements. Some of the niche metals & mining reports currently being researched are, global mining seismic survey market, global mining chemicals market, global mining explosives market, global mining lubricants market and many more. World Mining Congress (WMC), World Bank, International Council of Mining & Metals and many more are some of the institutions referred for niche metals & mining market reports.