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Packaging Industry Forecast

Global packaging industry is showing healthy growth forecast with year on year growth between 5-7% according to OBRC analysis. Furthermore global packaging industry would exceed revenues of more than $ 1 trillion by FY 2021. Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa and Latin America are key markets driving packaging industry growth through 2022. Trends like sustainable materials, clear transparent labels, energy conservation & efficiency, anti-counterfeiting packaging, replacement of petroleum based packaging materials, research & testing of nanomaterials in packaging and premiumisation are likely to impact global packaging market for the forecast period.

OBRC reports niche packaging market are circumvents around material types, manufacturing equipment’s, and integrated systems adopted widely by packaging industry. Segmentation within each niche packaging market reports are charted after consulting with leading industry manufacturers, sales expert and trade association members. The market estimation for niche packaging market is carried out via primary and secondary research. In primary research data is gathered by consulting & interviewing industry experts, business development executives and regional industry association members. Secondary data is gathered through private & public statistical databases, online publications, and company annual reports. The niche packaging market values thus envisaged are cross checked further via industry experts.

Each of our niche packaging market report offers an in-depth analysis of the market through strategic study and competitor portfolio studies. The strategic analysis is carried out through in-house data models like 360 analysis, see-saw analysis, investment versus adoption model and many more. The strategic analytical model used can be as per client’s inquest. Our niche market reports offer corporate profiles of top ten competitors in business. Corporate portfolio study covers current & future possible investment, investment in research & development, patent analysis, product portfolio, and corporate strategies.

Geographically each of our niche packaging market offers region and country level analysis. Region wise every niche packaging market report is classified as North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America and Middle East & Africa. Regional analysis includes industry applications, top countries, and investments aiding niche packaging market growth. Country level analysis includes top manufacturers, investment trends, product demand, and government or regulatory guidelines driving niche packaging market growth. Trends shows, North America and Europe dominating global packaging market in terms of revenue due to thriving fast food packaging industry and favourable regulatory environment. However, packaging industry within North America and Europe has reached maturity stage further subsidizing growth of the market. Asia Pacific is the fastest growing packaging market both in terms of revenue and volume. The market growth is ascribed to high industrial output and large consumer base.

Some of the reports currently being researched by analyst at OBRC include global packaging resin market, global protective packaging market, global hermetic packaging market, global packaging testing market, global beverage carton packaging market and many more. References used in analysing niche markets within packaging industry include, International Association of Packaging Research Institutes (IAPRI), World Packaging Association (WPA), United States International Trade Administration (ITA) and others.

Packaging material & Equipment, food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, industrial & electronic packaging is some of the sub domains in focus within packaging industry domain at OBRC.

Niche markets covered in each of the sub-domains include-

Packaging Material & Equipment-

Niche market reports within this segment are focused upon material types and manufacturing & processing equipment used in making packaging materials. Some of the recent niche market reports published within packaging material & equipment sub-domain include global aseptic packaging market, global aseptic processing market, global flexible packaging market, global embedded die packaging market, and many more. Our analysts are consistently update research niche packaging material & equipment reports every quarter or as per client’s inquest. New niche packaging material & equipment market currently being researched include global polyethylene terephthalate market, global polystyrene market, global wood packaging materials market, global fibre based packaging material market and many more.

Food Packaging-

The main idea behind food packaging is to avoid unnecessary contamination and increase shelf life of products. Food packaging materials are widely used in convenience foods, sauces, confectionary, bakery products, organic items (fruits & vegetables) etc. Niche market researched within food packaging industry is mainly focused on the materials and their vivid types that are of high demand in the market. Analyst at OBRC is constantly looking out for new materials influencing packaging industry. Some of the recent niche markets researched & published within food packaging industry include, global fresh food packaging market, global food container market and many more. Some other niche food packaging markets being researched include global foodservice disposables market, global pet food packaging market, global fast food packaging market, global canned food packaging market and many more.

Pharmaceutical Packaging-

Demand for pharmaceutical packaging is in tandem with expanding pharmaceutical industry. Factors like rise of biologics, varying regulatory requirements, streamlining of packaging industry, serialization of packaged products are trends bolstering pharmaceutical packaging industry growth. Pharmaceutical packaging segment focuses exclusively on various raw materials and equipment’s that are being used in packaging drugs. Some of the niche pharmaceutical packaging market reports published include global blister packaging market, global cold form blister packaging market, global smart pill boxes and bottles market, global pharmaceutical packaging equipment market and many more. Other niche pharmaceutical packaging market reports currently being researched include, global pharmaceutical unit dose packaging market, global tablet packing machine market, global adherence packaging market and many more.

Industrial & Electronic Packaging-

OBRC reports on industrial & electronic packaging are focused upon two markets, industrial packaging comprising of packaging materials that readily used in construction, lubricants, chemicals etc. And electronic packaging focused exclusively on packaging of consumer appliance and other electronic systems. Electronic packaging transforms appliance with open integrated circuits into a functional products. Industrial packaging is used as a means of preventing release of hazardous materials or a protective barrier for sensitive products. Some of the niche industrial & electronic packaging reports researched & published include global tube packaging market, global 3d semiconductor packaging market, global smart labels market, global anti counterfeit packaging market and many more. Niche industrial & electronic packaging markets currently being researched include, global wafer level packaging market, global rigid intermediate bulk containers market, global flexible intermediate bulk containers market, global metal packaging market and many more.



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